뉴토끼 newtoki website reviews and features

뉴토끼 – newtoki is the most famous free webtoon site in Korea.

There are various free webtoon sites in Korea I’ve summarized the representative sites

The address of the site changes periodically, so it’s good to know the shelter in advance.

This time, we’ll talk about the reviews and characteristics of Newtoki

First, the official site address.

▶ 뉴토끼 웹툰 미리보기 사이트 – newtoki site

Newtoki Site Features

If you look at the site screen, you can check the general webtoon and Japanese cartoon menu buttons.

There are 14 genres of webtoon works, including romance, fantasy, action, gag, mystery, drama, martial arts, sports, BL/GL, etc.

If you have a favorite cartoon, you can use the search function.

The search function allows you to check the order of popularity, recommended works, and title search.

You can watch not only webtoons but also cartoons on 뉴토끼 사이트

It is connected from Newtoki to Manatoki , and you can mainly enjoy Japanese cartoon works.

Manatoki site is also operated by the same operator.

▶ 마나토끼 ( manatoki ) 대피소 바로가기

It is a very famous webtoon site in Korea, but there are many people around the world who don’t know it yet.

I will introduce you to the methods and procedures for using the site.

All the websites I’ve told you about are not much well-known neither you listened to them earlier, but; 무료 웹툰 사이트 will be the most popular, and am sure you’ve listened to them at least once.

However, the unexpected thing is that it has a huge community of webtoons!

The reason for its popularity is the sharing system and easy-to-use features. In recent times it has gained more and more webtoon creators as an outcome, various genres and webtoons are on the page.

Although, if you’re already on Newtoki and haven’t found any webtoon yet then, you can try these keywords ( 뉴토끼 웹툰 , 마나토끼 대피소 , and manatoki on Twitter ).

You can try many other keywords\tags related to webtoon to get them.

A personal review

It’s true that Korean comics are gaining huge popularity these days.

There are not many places where you can watch webtoons for free in line with the global trend.

The advantage is that you can easily watch hundreds of webtoons with just a cell phone.

You don’t have to pay or sign up for membership, so you don’t have to feel burdened.

However, because the site address is changed periodically, you need to check the latest address by favorite shelters or via Twitter.

If you want to know more about various webtoon sites, please refer to the previous post.

▶ Link to Korea’s famous free webtoon site ◀

If the site address is congested, there is a way to access it through an alternative site.

Please refer to this because access to the site may not be smooth according to the Korean government’s regulatory policy