The popularity of free webtoons in 2022

free webtoons are specific types of the toon that can be simply seen on both websites and mobile apps.

Make sure the website you choose should be fixed to your phone screen. There are many ranges of free webtoons with multiple genres which may include romance, drama, action, and sometimes sci-fi.

I saw the contents on the free webtoon site. and I can read comic books very quickly.

Numerous toons are becoming famous day by day with great adaptation in different mediums also. Likewise, Tower Of God launched its anime series, and Cheese In The Trap has become a Korean drama later. While it is hoped that the most popular webtoon Lore Olympics may introduce an animated series soon by The Jim Henson Company.

Today we’ll be discussing some of the most common and demanding free webtoons that have a good range of viewers globally. 

1. “Lore Olympus” The Most Trendy Webtoon Comic

Lore Olympus is a very well-known webtoon comic that was introduced to the webtoon roaster in 2018.

This masterpiece was invented by the most creative artist Rachel Smythe. It was also the quickest comic book to get that much popularity. Why not? because it has such a unique way of telling a love story. 웹툰

As for the story, it is similar to the retelling of the classic Greek mythology of Hades and Persephone someway. This is a love story of love at first sight. It has a huge number of goddesses and gods.

Each character in Lore Olympus is drawn with a unique style in prosperity and appearance. The thing which forces the audience to see the entire webtoon comic is its non-complicated romance.

2. “True Beauty” Best For TV Series

This webtoon is raised with Korean beauty standards. An average teenage girl called Jugyeong is obsessed with horror comics and books.

Jugeong doesn’t really match the Koreans because of acne-prone skin; kids in school bully her always and she became depressed later. Until she found out about the magic of makeup and started watching so many tutorials to give herself a goddess’s face.

She doesn’t like to show her bare face to anyone besides her family and her sudden change makes this TV series famous actually.

True Beauty was the first webtoon introduced by Yaongyi as a comic English publisher and after some time it was labeled as a k-drama. We see Seojun was a strong character guy who loves Jugeong but he was quite possessive of her as he realizes Suho dates her girl. 

Timely it’s being a love triangle full of drama and romance someway; later it became more popular and delighted the k-drama fans. Indeed each character was its own fan range which makes True Beauty famous.

3. “Down to Earth” Romantic Webtoon

Down to earth performed its debut in august of 2020 made by Pookie senpai.

This story is about a boy named Kade who was living a normal life awaiting an alien girl who breaks into his garage. The girl was named Zaida wonderfully; a cute girl with special abilities such as telepathy and teleport.  

She warned him that if she gets involved with any human or guy then it will be against the rules of her planet. Hence slowly they both got in love with each other through great attachment and then the story begins.

In romance no other free webtoons can even touch the criteria of Down to earth and why wouldn’t they actually? 

The creator has not left a single point to make it ordinary. Everything sits perfectly in this webtoon.

Is webtoon popular in Japan?

Webtoon has earned a high amount of fans all over the world confirming Japan.

Webtoons and manhwa were the sources of entering the Chinese and Japanese markets. Even though the size of the market in Japan is thrice larger than Korea itself; isn’t amazing?

Korea also has a high amount of mobile phone-ready free webtoons and Japanese manga is now a global obsession for Webtoon fans.